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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a membership?

All memberships include TOTAL-ACCESS to Live classes, the On-Demand Library, 50% discounts on in-person events + 24/7 email support from me as your coach!

How often is new content added?

Weekly. You'll get fresh new workouts available LIVE and then available On-Demand shorty after week to week.

What is the price?

There is a 7-Day FREE Trial for all new members + a 90-day special for $19.99/mo for 3 months! The total cost of monthly memberships are $34.99 thereafter and will automatically renew unless cancelled on your end. The 6-month memberships are $161.94 and bill automatically every 6 months unless cancelled on your end. The annual membership is $251.99 and bill automatically every 12 months.

How do I cancel?

If you don't wish to continue, you can cancel your membership at anytime. Follow the prompts to cancel on the billing page and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren't refunds for partially unused membership periods.

Are there pre-designed programs available?

Yes! Look under the "PROGRAMS" tab to choose a program to follow along with!

How do I know where to start once I join?

Every week I post the live schedule. You will see the class listed on your dashboard with a countdown of when it starts. With everyone being in different time zones, having different schedules, etc I know it can be difficult to join for each class, but moments later the class will be available for you in the On-Demand library. Every week is mapped out intentionally so I say jump right on in with the live schedule for that day if you can! There are also 200+ classes in the On-Demand library to fit exactly what you’re looking for as well as pre-designed programs to fit your needs.

How long should I commit to a program?

6 months is always a good starting timeline when beginning a new program! It takes time for our body to adapt and while the timeline is different for everyone, consistency is key. 

What’s your teaching style?

I love this! Everyone is so different and I am all about energy and making it feel like we’re all in the same room together. I’m also an actress and having spent years in the entertainment industry, finding creative ways to keep workouts fun and exciting is so important to me. Oh, and my dancing at the end of class always provides laughs and a great time, haha.

How is your program different from all the others?

Great question. There are so many amazing platforms out there and each one is different in its own, unique way. In addition to the classes being LIVE, not pre-recorded or demonstrated via videos - it’s about the energy. Coming from a group fitness background, I learned how to command the attention of a room. Bringing that same energy + years of extensive knowledge to the homes of women (and men, too) all over the world, was really important to me. Group fitness + personal training can be very expensive and not affordable for everyone. While I believe in the strong value and worth that a trainer and coach like myself brings, I also believe everyone should have access to high-quality classes on a budget that fits their lifestyle. Instead of a video simply showing you the move, talking you through it in real-time is how we’ll work together. I also think finding a workout program that works for you is similar to dating, you’ll know when you’ve found one that feels right.

How long are classes?

There's a large variety of 10-30 minute classes as well as full-length classes that are 45-55min. With shorter classes, you can stack multiples together and create your very own workout which I think is great for days where you need to get movement in with limited time.

Is your program right for beginners?

Yes! I did home workouts for years and loved it, but felt like I was missing clear direction on exactly how to do the exercises. When I transitioned to group fitness and started teaching, I developed a true sense of understanding the body and helping teach others how to use theirs in the safest, most effective way.

I also offer constant regressions/modifications and progressions for exercises to fit where you are at in your journey! My hope is that you learn to do these exercises properly and learn fun, things along the way.

Are you certified?

I am! NASM-CPT + Group Fitness Certified with a soon-to-be NASM-CES certification.

What size weights should I be using?

I’m always very open at the beginning of class about what size weights I’m working with that day and encourage you to go lighter/heavier where you see fit. Everybody and everybody needs something different.

Why is this program effective?

These classes have the key essentials you need to have a successful fitness experience. Instead of only teaching one style, I offer a variety of classes and program them appropriately using science and techniques that work. I offer a sculpt + tone class weekly that has a strong focus on engaging your core and enhancing your balance. This training sets you up for success with our other strength training classes and soon you’ll feel yourself not only feeling stronger physically but mentally as well.

Can I only do these workouts at-home?

These workouts can be done anywhere! When I was a member at a gym, I would take my home workout program with me to have a clear direction of what to do. So many people spend time wandering around the gym looking for a place to start. Take me with you and let’s get moving!

What if I don’t have all the equipment?

No worries! Get what you can - I am always happy to offer modifications where you may not have certain equipment. I’ve linked what I use most and made sure to include items that are cost-friendly. Remember: your fitness is always worth investing in.

Can we communicate during the class?

Yes! There is a chat button and I LOVE connecting with you all during our LIVE classes.

Is there an app?

Not yet but there will be in the future! You can add my site as an icon directly to your iPhone (unfortunately this does not work for Android users) and have direct access to my site without having to use a search engine. My workouts also work well on laptops and streaming devices.

Will I see results?

If you are consistent with your workouts, show up for yourself and adhere to a diet that enriches your body - yes. My goal is to provide you with results in a healthy, attainable way. Your body is your instrument - we all deserve to feel and experience the best version of ourselves from the inside out. In addition to seeing results physically, the results mentally are the real game-changer and also the most rewarding.

If there are questions, can we reach out to you?

Of course. I am always open to helping my clients in the MxM community. You can reach out to me via DM on Instagram or send me an email at movementbymegan@gmail.com.